Saturday, March 5, 2011

My comeback ride for 2011

Since 2009, I will do at least one comeback ride to Ulu Langat. For 2011, it was today. Sms-ed from Amat and Imran prompt me to join them for a comeback ride 2011. This time I am prepared, as a tourist cyclist. Bought a napsack with my trusty 7D, wore a Golf shirt and a Liverpool sport pants. I was ready!!!

If I am slow or seen pushing my bike uphill (which I did!!), nobody could blame a tourist cyclist right!!!

Some details on the ride
  • From Ulu Langat Bt18 to Simpang Sungai Tekala
  • Started at 9am due to heavy rain
  • Finished at 11am
  • Total ride distance: 24km
Photos taken from my comeback ride today.


Cycling with the mist
Me and Ahmad

The challenging mountain to simpang 3 sg tekali (used to be a hill)
On the brink of passing out
House on the hill
Mist of Gunung Perez
Journey's End
Reward - Glass of Air Kasturi (Best so far)
My trusty SIDI finally gave way (after clocking 2000km on it)